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Can I change my payment days?
Once you join and payments start, you’ll be able to change your payment day and frequency whenever you like. Just come and see the staff at Reboot.

I am not a reboot member but can I pay to come in for a casual session?
Yes! We offer casual passes that can be purchased through the My Wellness app that anyone can download and register, we do also offer consession cards if you are planning to come multiple times everynow and then.


What is a virtual class?
Inside the gym there is a kiosk where you can select a class to run at the given time. Music will always be on and playing through the speakers. The TV’s around the gym will display what exercise you do at each station, how many reps and rest time. Train alone or bring your mates (who are members!) in for a group sweat session.

How do I book Reboot classes?
Click here to download the REBOOT app from the app store / Google play.
Click the ''Create a MYWELLNESS account'' button and create an account please use the email address you recieved this email too, if you have already created an account on the web click ''Continue with email'' and log in using the same email and password.
Follow the instructions on your smartphone to book your first class, or contact us if you have any questions!

Profiles gym

I’m a Profiles Gym member already, do I have to sign up for Reboot to do these classes?
Reboot and Profiles are two separate gyms. These classes will no longer be run at Profiles Gym, so in order to do the Reboot classes, you will need to sign up for Reboot Rotorua. With your Reboot membership, you get 24/7 access to both Reboot AND Profiles - double win!

If I’m a Profiles member and I sign up at Reboot, do I need to cancel my Profiles membership?
You do not need to do anything - we will cancel down your Profiles payments for you automatically, so you won’t be paying double at any stage.

Will my Profiles tag work for Reboot if i was a Profiles Gym member before?
No. Once you sign up to Reboot your Profile membership will be shut down meaning the tag will no longer be active so will deny you entry into any of our gyms. We will give you a new Reboot tag that will allow you 24/7 access into both Reboot AND Profiles Gym facilities. 

Do I get to go back to my current Profiles membership rate if I cancel and sign up again later on?
You will need to re-sign up at Profiles if you cancel. This means that your membership will be whatever the current weekly rate is, plus there may be a joining fee.

How do I book classes at Profiles?
For Profiles Gym classes, you’ll need to download the Profiles Gym app. Info on that can be found here https://www.profilesgym.co.nz/group-fitness/


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