Full body strength and hypertrophy - building and strengthening our muscles. These will be done in You go, I go sessions where you and your partner will take turns lifting and will learn how to best spot and support each other or in a groups performing 3 - 4 sets per exercise. These classes are great for overall muscle growth/toning and are suited to all fitness levels and abilities.


This is our Boxing inspired class. Typically a cardio workout increasing stamina in the heart and lungs. Expect a fast paced action packed workout with a combination of partnered boxing drills using gloves and focus pads, skipping, running, abdominal work and a variation of other heart pumping exercises in a fun and motivating environment!


Embrace the concept that recovery is an essential part of progress, physically and mentally. Muscle recovery, healing physical injuries, encouraging mental clarity, improving focus, increasing mood and overall happiness and reducing stress.


This class will work on building and maintaining athletic abilities. Through a variety and combination of training such as strength and cardiovascular endurance. We will also use compound movements to help maximise our calorie burn, both during and after the workout. 


This will be delivered in a circuit format using various equipment and exercises. It will give attention to all major muscle groups and activate both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers. You will improve your muscular endurance, increase your heart health and burn fat. Perfect for all fitness levels


A full-body workout that proceeds to target every area and engage all your muscles using everyday movement patterns and/or various equipment. This class is designed to promote cardiovascular endurance, lean muscle growth and excess fat loss.

We also offer virtual classes running on the hour every other hour

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