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I am a mama of four and have resided in Rotorua for the past 20 years. I have whānau connections to Opotiki through my father and my mum is of Dutch heritage. I have been a part of the Profiles team for around 10 years!

I was first introduced to group fitness over 14 years ago. Believe it or not I was the overweight shy girl in the very back corner that didn’t say a word!

I think it is fair to say that my journey into health and fitness is very similar to yours. Just an everyday person trying to be better. But in this realm of Les Mills group fitness (offered by Profiles Gym) I found a passion, I built confidence, I started to feel better mentally, I created relationships with the staff, instructors and fellow gym members. It gave me a sense of whanau and purpose and that feel good feeling.

Exercise mixed with these amazing people literally changed my life. This is my WHY!

As a Reboot Coach my focus is to inspire you to do YOUR best. To provide an environment that is safe and easy for everyone to be theme selves. To me coaching and leadership is more than giving motivation and the understanding of exercise movements. It is about bringing out the natural strengths and differences of each member. Creating a community of like minded people so we can all flourish together. Helping you to grow into the best version of yourself physically and mentally.

I pride myself in giving you all the best possible experience while at Reboot. Passion is my drive, members are my why. Together we change lives.

Te Oriwa

Ko Matauwhaura te Maunga. Ko Te Rotoiti me Okataina ngā Moana. Ko Ngāti Pikiao Ngāti Tarawhai Ngā Hapū. Ko Te Arawa te waka. Ko Te Arawa te iwi. Ko Te Oriwa Inia-Cameron (Tee) ahau.

I have been in the health and wellbeing industry for over 15 years. Being brought up with a very physically fit family on both sides I knew I would always eventually head in this direction. 

My passion, my desire, my want has always been for our people. If I could help that one person to help them to transform themselves to where hauora (health) and whakapakari tīnana become a way of life, then I knew I was definitely on the right path.

My type of trainings whether it's for my personal training or instructing a class - a tīnana, a wairua, a hinengaro. I believe training the mind and the spiritual side is just as important as the physical side. Covering all aspects to make us that 1% better than yesterday!

My motivation and drive to continue to be the best role model that I can be will always be my 3 children, always has been, always will be. Alongside a great team where we are always learning from each other to make us better every single day. From here, I take to our people, our members a motto I use "by the people, for the people".

Everything I do to support, encourage and motivate them as much as I can through my energy, my vibe and my passion. Seeing our people walk in with a smile then leave with a smile is priceless.


born and raised in Rotorua, currently working at Profiles Gym as a staff and personal trainer, I’ve completed 4 years of studying what I love and have a big passion for helping people.

What drives me is to keep helping as much people as I can and share as much knowledge of what I’ve learnt through my years of studying and training and do my best to help change some lives for the better via health and fitness!

One of my big passions for studying health and fitness, whether that be through Personal Training, or just conversating with new people and sharing things I’ve learnt that have helped me in my Health and Fitness journey.

I can provide our members with knowledge, kindness, encouragement and motivation, I will also do my best to continually improve myself and lead by example.In terms of my own training, I really get into boxing and weight training, specifically hypertrophy/strength training and have recently been getting into group fitness and have been enjoying it a lot!


My passion for health & fitness revolves around providing a welcoming and supportive environment to help push and empower people to reach their goals. In future, I'm aiming at becoming a p.e teacher to provide some guidance & positive engagement with our children and rangatahi of Rotorua.

I want to inspire people to believe in themselves & follow a path of living a healthy, active & fulfilling lifestyle.In terms of training, I've always had a love for our les mills classes, but I also enjoy a mixture of strength and circuit training.

Cardio conditioning at Smallbone park is a killer session I love to smash out over the warmer seasons as well as some social sports whenever I can.My determination to become the best version of myself, as well as the aspiration of being a mother my girl can be proud of, is what drives me every single day.I can offer support, aroha, and encouragement for our members to find that little bit extra within themselves.

In my eyes, seeing others achieve things they thought they could never do and gain confidence in themselves is what it's all about.


Kia ora whanau Ko Balmain Smith Ahau, He uri tenei no Ngati Pikiao and a Pāpā of 3.

The best form of training I prefer, well me personally I love Functional fitness and weight training as well. As long as I'm moving I'm happy!

What I can offer or bring to the table is,
•Exciting High Energy that fun
•A-lot of laughter and easy going
•Motivation to get you through to the end

The main reason I train.
•To be fit and health for my kids and family.
• And mainly for my mental health and well being and also a positive outlet and a chance to check in on myself.

My Passions are.
•Helping others achieve and succeed with whatever that looks like for them
•Fishing n diving, anything outdoors really!


My passion for fitness started from my own journey over 8 years ago now coming down 40kg, I made many mistakes in the process and now I want to help others to achieve their fitness goals without making all the mistakes I made.

I’ll bring the fire and energy to reboot, push every member beyond their limits, and create opportunities for all to achieve their goals in the fastest way possible.


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